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Surface: Hard Floor, Carpet
Controller: Amalock App, remote control, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Tmall Genie, XIAODU
Batteries included: Yes
Dust box: 600ml
Water tank: 350ml
Max run time: 110 mins
Fall prevention (Drop Sensor): Yes
Suction modes: 3
Vacuum inlet: Motorised Brushroll
Language: Multi-language

Our Robot Vacuum never gets lost.
While gyroscopic robots dance around a lot and don’t get the job done, our vacuum robot, with our laser navigation, is able to clean the entire room because of its unique mapping system that remembers where it has cleaned, and where it hasn’t. Set restricted areas and program the areas you want cleaned. Our robot will avoid objects on the floor, go around obstacles and make sure it doesn’t bump into walls, fall off stairs, or destroy priceless furnishings.

The clean house you deserve.
We added one of the strongest engines on the market – 3,000mAH. Doesn’t mean much? This robot mop cleans everything, even the hardest to clean rugs and carpets. We added high-speed brushes to make sure the robot cleans even the hardest to reach corners of your house. To get that sparkling home you deserve our robot can also mop your floors.

Save time: Scheduled Cleaning.
Simply turn it on or schedule your hoover robot to clean the house while you’re not home — and forget about it. Time is the most valuable thing we have. Time not spent manually vacuuming after your pets or children can be spent relaxing, playing with your kids, or doing whatever your heart desires. No more bending or sweating over menial housework; no more carrying a heavy machine upstairs.

Straightforward set up, easy to use.
Connect to the app in less than a minute. Let the robotic vacuum cleaner scan the area, get real-time mapping, save the map in your app, optionally set a restricted area, and you’re good to go. You can also connect this smart robot with Alexa/Google assistant and easily integrate it into your smart home eco system.



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